Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This Borzoi commission is recently completed. There is a very special story behind the painting of two people meeting inter-continentally (USA and Norway) because of their dogs.

The dogs, all Borzoi, have allowed these wonderful people to connect in a way that just brings tears to my ears. The woman, middle aged, met the man, a senior, and immediately had a connection that reminded her of her father.

The man, a senior, has a new "family" member who loves him and extends a long distance friendship of compassion and interaction. It seems, too often, we forget about relationships with people.

It has been said when people are asked what they would have done differently with their lives they would have spent more time with their loved ones. The greatest gift we can give is of our time and in this story the people involved are giving each other their time. all started with their love of dogs.

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