Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sweetn'in - Irish Setter

Sweet'nin "CH. Scarlly's Sweet Success" was painted from a black and white photo. She had been a very important girl in the breeding program for Scarlly Setters. Over the years - and moves from one home to another - the orginal photo had been misplaced and all that was available of this pose was the black and white photo. Fortunately there were other photos of Sweet'nin that were instrumental in capturing her true colors. The painting will be shipped to Georgia in the next few days. It will be sad not to have it in my studio any longer.

My paintings are all a part of me and as much as I want them to go to the people who commissioned them a part of me doesn't want to let them go.

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Michele Magic said...

I was the owner of Scarlly's Sweet Success's great-great granddaughter, Vogue Setter's Christmas Angel, out of Kenner, La. Sadly, "Jessica, Too" as I renamed her, died in 2000, but I am currently in search of another pup or young Irish, so wish me luck. It was very nice to see what her great-great grandmother looked like. Nice job!